Take advantage of extensive billing options with Caselle Utility Supplemental Billing. This module is perfect for the billing clerk who needs to bill for services that all need to appear on a single bill.

Utility Supplemental Billing simplifies the interface with other billing software, allowing you to send out billings from another billing organization or program. Import billed amounts or quantities using Utility Supplemental Billing.

This simple process allows you to use your existing utility bill for the additional billings, thus reducing time and cost. Now you can turn a task that used to be a headache into a quick and seamless process.


  • Import amounts billed from another billing software or organization
  • Set up customized rate formulas for billing quantities imported from a third party
  • Review imported information through Customer Inquiry prior to processing billings


  • Include third party information on the utility bill
  • Avoid manual billing by importing all information at one time
  • View detailed or summarized imported information in Customer Inquiry


  • Import to one or multiple services at one time
  • Import billing descriptions or assign a set description
  • User-defined fields


  • Custom reporting
  • Powerful search options
  • Interactive task list
  • Electronic document attachments
  • View location history while creating or modifying a service order
  • Print, save, and export all reports
  • History and management tracking