Keeping track of Spot just got easier. The Caselle Animal License application is the easy solution for every city that needs to keep track of animal licensing and all of the information needed before a license can be issued.

Trade out your spreadsheet for a software program that provides an effective way to electronically manage the entire process of animal licensing, including issuing, renewing, and billing. Easily generate reports that show licenses, owners, and delinquent notices. Keep track of all animal information, including vaccinations, microchips, owner information, and a physical description of the animal. Keep the animal owners on track by printing reminder notices when it is time to renew the license.


  • Record extensive animal-specific information
  • Maintain owner information with associated licenses
  • Ensure compliance with local pet and animal regulations, including spayed, neutered, rabies vaccinations, etc.


  • Easily generate renewal notices
  • Print expired license list
  • Update payments from Caselle Cash Receipting


  • Manage multiple licenses per owner
  • Customize the criteria used to search the owner and license information
  • Create user-defined fields to accommodate unique organizational needs


  • Custom reporting
  • Powerful search options
  • Steps checklist
  • Comprehensive application, task, and field level security
  • Print, save, and export all reports
  • Comprehensive inquiry