Feel confident in balancing your financials with our user-friendly, flexible software. Seamless interface from various subsystems make reporting and reconciling a breeze.

The General Ledger incorporates true fund accounting to provide usable options to enter, inquire, and report financial information. Overall design and smooth data flow within the module are the result of hundreds of customers and auditors who use General Ledger in the real working world.


  • Track and report activity costs
  • Utilize grant reporting capabilities
  • Complete budget tools for preparation and reporting


  • Subsystem interface creates journal entries
  • Simplified bank reconciliation
  • Account inquiry with transaction detail


  • Customizable financial statements
  • Year-end closing routine with easy prior year access
  • Broad import and export functionality


  • Custom reporting
  • User-defined fields
  • Powerful search options
  • Interactive task list
  • Electronic document and image attachments
  • Very comprehensive application and task level security
  • Print, save, and export all reports
  • History and management tracking