Efficiently track and promote conservation of your water resources with Caselle Utility Water Conservation.

Set up billing rates based on lot size and region, and create daily water allowance levels by number of occupants. Use these levels and rate setups to bill conserving customers at a lower rate and penalize excessive users.


  • Set up rates with daily allowances for lot size and number of occupants
  • Establish levels for conservative and excessive usage
  • Display customer water consumption usage by level on the utility bill


  • Bill conservation rates year round or for specific months
  • Modify rate calculations by landscaping area or an override allowance
  • Record and track temperature or evapotranspiration rate (ET)


  • Adjust and create additional overage rates as needed to promote conservation
  • Keep track of locations by region
  • Create user-defined fields


  • Custom reporting
  • Powerful search options
  • Interactive task list
  • Electronic document attachments
  • Comprehensive application, task, and field level security
  • Print, save, and export all reports
  • History and management tracking