Caselle Payroll is about more than just processing employee checks—it’s about automating your entire payroll process from start to finish.

This application is perfect for any sized organization, from seven employees to seven hundred, that does its own payroll.

The Payroll application provides end-to-end reporting, allowing you to track all employee and employer paid amounts. Flexible reporting allows you to enter all necessary information in one central location and provides you with the means to easily grow and adapt your payroll processes as the needs of your organization change. Discover what stress-free processing really feels like.


  • Complies with federal, state, and local government reporting requirements
  • Prints and exports state retirement reports
  • Employee W-2 reporting
  • Tracks employee pay, leave, and benefit amounts
  • Payroll vendor payments


  • Issue vendor checks and invoices from one central location
  • Compute all employer benefit costs for each employee
  • Print out cycle, termination, and payout checks
  • Report year-end information to the IRS with an optional electronic reporting module
  • Powerful reporting options


  • Allows for adjustable leave time accrual rates
  • Supports before and after tax deductions
  • Fringe benefit tracking
  • User-defined paycheck and voucher formats
  • User-defined fields


  • Custom reporting
  • Powerful search options
  • Supports complex pay code calculations
  • Interactive task list
  • Electronic document attachments
  • Comprehensive application, task, and field level security
  • Print, save, and export all reports
  • History and management tracking