This screen will only adjust vendors that are set as a 1099 Vendor (any type other than “None”)

  • Go to Accounts Payable > Vendors > Modify Existing Vendor
  • Pull up the vendor that showed the alert
  • Change their 1099 Type to Nonemployee or other appropriate type
  • Go back to Adjust 1099 Balances and make the appropriate adjustments
  • If the vendor should not be a 1099 vendor, go back to Modify Existing Vendors and switch the 1099 Type back to “None”
Start verifying employees’ Social Security Numbers (SSN) and Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) today. Then once your final payroll of the year is complete, you can start running reports for verification.
Go to Accounts Payable > Organization > Organization. Select the Interfaces tab and mark the “Allow activity reporting” box in the General Ledger tab. Now you can add Activity Numbers to Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.
This means that the balance due for this account may not be the total balance owed since there are other accounts tied to this account. This is the Master Contacts feature within Caselle.

For example, you might have a few utility accounts and an account in AR that are tied to the same person. Click on the Related Accounts icon (which looks like two people) at the top of the Inquiry screen, to see the related account(s) associated with the one you currently are on.

Go to Accounts Payable > Organization > Organization. Select the Interfaces tab and mark the “Allow activity reporting” box in the General Ledger tab. Now you can add Activity Numbers to Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.
If a billing was entered incorrectly or shouldn’t have been created at all, Enter Billing Adjustments to correct what was billed. If a payment was recorded but shouldn’t have been or a payment is now an “NSF” payment, use Enter Payment Adjustments to reverse or refund the payment.
Remember you can add steps to your checklist that are not performed in Caselle to help you keep on task. When adding a step that is outside of Caselle, such as making the 941 Tax Deposit, you can launch a URL to the EFTPS website. Here’s how:

  1. Click Checklist on the right side of your Caselle screen.
  2. Select the clipboard with a red check mark on the right side of the checklist.
  3. Select the Checklist you would like to modify.
  4. Create your new step by clicking the drop down next to the white piece of paper with the green plus sign icon.
  5. Select create a new task.
  6. Type in a description for the new task.
  7. Select the radio button next to “Run another program launch a file or URL when the task is selected.”
  8. Enter the web address or file location in the Target box. 9. Be sure to click OK.

This way you can click on the step in the checklist and the web page or file location will open right up for you!

If you are unable to change a field on a modifying screen, verify that the padlock in the tool bar is unlocked.
First, the new report base does not mean that you won’t have the reports and information that you have come to know and love. It includes the same reports you are familiar with. However, we have added features and enhancements-based on feedback from our customers-to improve the reports you get from your Caselle applications.

To begin, you may want to review this New Report Document, which shows the features included in the new report base.
Next, try saving a test versions of a report definition of any report that uses the new report base (all of the Cash Receipting reports in Connect utilize the new report base) so you can test out some of the new features.

Some of the key features include the following:

  • See the date the report was created
  • Last modified and last processed
  • Modify the report order for each report section

For each section, simply selecting or deselecting a checkbox allows you to do the following:

  • Add a line between records
  • Suppress printing of headings, details, or totals
  • Suppress printing of an entire section altogether
  • Add page breaks

See which columns offer the “drill-down” feature. Click on the “drill down” link to see what makes up a summary total.

We plan to incorporate the new report base into all of the Caselle reports on a staggered basis. Review the quarterly Release Notices to see which reports are now able to utilize these new features.

Simply type the percent sign (%) before the character(s) you want to find. The search will bring up all records that contain the characters anywhere, even in the middle of the description. For example, in Utility Management Customer Inquiry if you select the search binoculars and then type “%center,” the search will find all customer names that contain the word “center,” even if the customer name does not begin with that word (i.e. “Community Center”).
Complete the following steps:

  1. Accounts Receivable > Customers > Unapplied Payments
  2. Use the Selection Criteria to select the Customer Number
  3. Beginning payment date: Date of the payment you wish to correct
  4. Check mark the box next to the payment you are correcting
  5. Click GO to “unapplied” the payment
  6. Now go to Customers > Apply Payments to apply the payment to the correct invoice