What is Your Process?

What is Your Process?

Whether it is an existing customer’s support question or a new customer working with our implementation team, “what’s your process?” is just one of the many questions the Caselle team asks.

In the Accounts Payable/Purchase Order module you have the ability to customize processes to follow your policies. Beginning with Requisitions, and tracking through Purchase Orders to the receiving of items and paper or electronic payment of the invoice.

The Requisition Approval process in Caselle has recently been redesigned to allow more flexibility and control. With the new design, you can setup custom approval processes based on detail threshold amounts and route the request through your approval types.

With the Accounts Payable Direct Pay module, you can create ACH files and pay your vendors electronically instead of having to issue paper checks that can get lost in the mail or stuck on someone’s desk.

Our Import Invoice routine allows for Purchase Cards and other electronic invoicing to be brought into the system without spending a lot of time on data entry.

So, what is your process?