Saving Time

Saving Time

Time is money. You have learned how true this adage is. You constantly look for ways to save time, especially in your daily work. Caselle understands this and has tools within its applications to help you save time…and hence, money.


One of the best ways to save time is to utilize the Defaults. Defaults in our Utility Management application range from default rates and services to default customer types to default meter manufacturers. If you are adding something new—whether it is a meter, customer, service, or something else—chances are there is a default saved somewhere. But where?

One place to look for defaults is under the Options button. This icon is easily recognized as the “icon with the two red checkmarks.” You will find it on many toolbars within Caselle.

Utility Management Customer Inquiry is one example:

The Customer Inquiry options allow you to set a default tab, Utility Bill report definition, Customer History report definition, and print option. You may also select other available options such as whether or not to display the alert message and landlord notification.

Defaults are also found in the maintenance routines. Service maintenance (Utility Management > Organization > Services) is one example. Under the Billing/Meter Defaults tab, you can set default values for either a billing record or a meter record that is added to a customer/location. These defaults are numerous, ranging from a default frequency code to a default billing rate to a default meter multiplier with many other options in between.

Within Modify Existing Customers, you can access another set of defaults. Underthe File menu, you have a Defaults menu item that will display the Customer defaults that are used when you add a new customer. Setting the default Customer Type and adding the City/State/Zip in the mailing address can save you time and reduce possible mistakes.

Keep an eye out in the Utility Management application—and all of your Caselle applications—for the Options (“double red checkmark”) icon and other places where defaults are available. Using these defaults can be a real time saver. And, after all, we know that time is indeed money.