Caselle Advantage: It is that time of year again

Time for reflecting, time for New Year’s resolutions, and, for many of you, it is time to start budgeting for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This may mean preparing your spreadsheets or worksheets so that department managers can submit their requests. This may also mean reviewing staffing needs so that accurate personnel budgets can be generated, not to mention including changes to benefits like insurance increases, retirement rate changes, etc.

We have a solution that can assist you with your budgeting processes called Caselle Advantage. Caselle Advantage can help in major ways:

  • Provides a central location for department managers to submit their budget requests.
  • Provides a position based budgeting worksheet to assist with creating the personnel budgets.
  • Provides reporting tools for the budgeting and everyday analysis.

Budget Requests

Caselle Advantage provides a central location for department managers to enter their budget requests.

Each manager only sees the accounts and information that apply to their department. They can provide supporting comments, detailed worksheets or attachments along with their requests. Managers can notify the person responsible for reviewing their budgets once they have finished entering their requests.

Position Based Budgeting

Caselle Advantage provides a Position Based Budgeting worksheet. The worksheet is populated based on information contained in the Caselle Payroll module. This information provides a starting point for the personnel budget that can then be fined tuned by modifying rates or amounts to estimate payroll costs for the new year. Vacant positions can also be included in the worksheet to show positions that are planned for during the year. The amounts from the Position Based Budgeting worksheet then flow back into the operating budget to populate the department request for personnel costs.

Reporting Tools

Caselle Advantage provides many ways for viewing and examining not only the budget but also actual account balances from the Caselle General Ledger. Use the data to create reports, charts and even alerts within the Caselle Advantage console. The reports, charts and alerts can be shared with department managers as they use the Caselle Advantage module or they can also be emailed to users on a scheduled basis.

Caselle Advantage is a powerful tool to assist organizations with their budgeting and reporting needs.