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In appreciation to our loyal customers and to demonstrate our commitment to charitable and community-based projects, Dallas Data Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce our second annual “Commitment to Community” contest.


Enroll you charity or community project and encourage people in your community to vote. There will be $5,000 in prize money awarded to the top three (3) vote getters.

1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


Entries: Must be charitable organizations or projects that help to improve and serve your community at large.

Examples are: Park Improvements, Recreation Programs, Annual Community Events, Holiday Celebrations, Movies/Concerts in the Park, Youth and Adult Educational Programs, etc.

*Participation in the contest is reserved for existing customers of Dallas Data Systems, Inc. in good standing.  Dallas Data Systems, Inc. reserves the right to refuse entries for any reason.


Total votes for the Contest "Commitment to Community 2017 - sponsored by Dallas Data Systems" : 18183


In 2014 a group of Warrington Township employees founded and chartered the Warrington Cares Employee Charity (WCEC).  This new 501(c) (3) tax exempt charity is represented by municipal employees from all municipal departments including police, fire, public works, water/sewer, parks and township office staff.  Above all the employees created this charity because we believe in the power and spirit of giving....

Organization Contact: Barry Luber, Chairperson
148 Votes

The Zachary G. Wallace Fund is dedicated to the memory of four year old Zachary Wallace, who died in January 2005 after suffering from an undiagnosed blood and immunological disease. His illness caused a spinal cord injury which resulted in extensive physical damage when he was two years old, included paralysis from the waist down and blindness....

Organization Contact: Natalie Wallace- President
684 Votes

To provide recreational facilities and opportunities for the residents of Amity Township. To maintain these facilities is an attractive and desirable manner and promote use of the facilities for a healthier Community! ...

Organization Contact: Troy S. Bingaman, Twp. Manager
6393 Votes

As an organization that serves children both globally and locally, the Kiwanis Club of Phoenixville is aiming to impact its hometown youngsters! Through an official partnership with the Phoenixville Jaycees, Kiwanis is dedicated to creating a long- term solution for a present problem; a playground that can be enjoyed by children and adolescents of all-abilities, as well as enable physically challenged parents to interact with their families....

Organization Contact: John Keenan
704 Votes

Shop with a Cop is a charitable event which pairs local police officers with children from Quakertown Community School District who are faced with life challenges such as homelessness, economic shortcomings, military deployment, and other hardships. The program takes place during the holidays, and allows children to view police officers in a different atmosphere, while promoting positive relationships....

Organization Contact: Julie Bender
9441 Votes


Promote healthy living activities through partnership with community members/ organizations to provide FIT EDUCATION PROGRAMS at the airport to include running, hiking and biking through the to-be-developed airport property trail system which will provide future connection to Avondale, Kennett and West Marlborough.

Contest winnings will be used for the development of the multi-use loop trail system through New Garden Flying Field property and two trail heads, one on Church Street, Avondale and one at Newark Road, Toughkenamon....

Organization Contact: Kati Parlier
521 Votes

The Palmer Township Community Pool was built and opened in 1965 by the Palmer Township Lion’s Association. The Lions secured a 30-year lease agreement with the Township on August 3, 1964, to lease Township property to build a community pool for its residents.

In 1994, at the end of the lease agreement, the Township took over ownership of the community pool....

Organization Contact: Brenda DeGerolamo
292 Votes

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